Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Itchin' for a new kitchen

Think that title is good? You should hear me freestyle ;)

So part of what made us (mostly me) fall in love with our house was the kitchen. Exhibit A:

Wait! Just hear me out. 

The kitchens in the houses we saw seemed to fall into two categories: Kitchens that needed complete overhauls or kitchens that had already been updated but not in our style; the former would cost us way too much money and the latter would cost me too much guilt: I couldn't justify renovating a perfectly decent kitchen, especially one that other people would think was just lovely. 

So this one. This one was smack dab in the middle of yuck and ugly. The cupboards are decent: they just need some new paint and handles put in a spot that makes sense (what were those people thinking?). The configuration was the coveted work triangle and that window over the sink - perfection. But look more closely at the counter/backsplash...

It's 2x2 tiles. TILES! The idea of putting food or rolling dough out on those counters, getting food into those grout lines totally grossed me out (I'm sounding like Kimmie Gibbler now). The hygiene of them combined with the fact that they were just plain ugly made the decision easy: those counters had to go!

And then once that decision was made my mind, and my Pinterest button, went absolutely berserk. 

I'm sure everyone has already seen this gorgeous kitchen makeover by Sarah at Smitten Studio after it was posted on A Cup of Jo, but it has my heart so I had to share. Everything about it is perfect: the butcher block counters, the subway tile, the open shelves, that apron sink! 

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Beth's home is a great inspiration for me. She renovated her kitchen on a budget by painting her lower cabinet and then installing just new upper cabinets from IKEA. The mix of traditional and modern makes me swoon. Also, globe pendant.

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Oh open shelves, how I love thee. I like how these ones pick up the warmth of the countertops and bring that look upward. Again, mixing the natural material of the wood with ultra-modern high gloss is genius - love it. 

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Wood floors, which cabinets, slight contrast with the white subway tiles and grout colour AND open shelves? This kitchen has it all.

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I'm loving the high contrast tile and grout in Daniel's new kitchen. Not only does it look great, but it's way easier to keep clean. When my pot of tomato sauce bubbles and hits the backsplash I can be sure it won't stain the grout. 

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We definitely won't be able to afford marble countertops, and this kitchen is a little too traditional for my liking, but it is quite the classy space. A girl can admire. 

And that's that - I'll be sure to share updates on our reno soon!

xo julia

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