Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Lady

Around our place, there's often music playing in the background. Motown, funk and 60's soul are in heavy rotation - there's always room for Sam Cooke at our dinner table. Throw back hip hop gets significant air time, and indie fills in the spaces in between. Top 40 and pop almost never gets a chance to sing at our place, which is why what I'm about to say is a big shock to those who know me well.

I'm going to a Lady Gaga concert tomorrow night. And I am pumped about it!

I don't care that as everyone sings along I'll only know "Ra ra ra-ha-aha" because I'll be dancing along to one fantastic spectacle!

I haven't been to a huge show in years. Not since 2000 when I saw The Backstreet Boys and they came flying over the audience from harnesses hitched to the ceilings and I cried when Nick was so close to me I could almost touch him. Since then, my live shows have included small bars, lawn festivals, heavy guitar rock and karaoke nights.

This. This will be something entirely different. And so, naturally I'm asking myself: What does one wear to a Lady Gaga concert?

And then I realize I'm over-thinking it: you can wear just about anything to a Lady Gaga show. Everything but a dress of meat, because just as one does not wear white to a wedding, one does not wear meat to a Gaga show.

And so, knowing I could wear whatever I like, here's a little peek at what I might have put together.

Untitled #2

So, what's the last concert you went to?

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