Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Valentime's Gift Guide

As a kid, I always though Valentine's Day was Valentime's Day. Cute, I know. But when you're 6 and you also confuse ice for iske, ambulance for amblance and marshmallows for mushrooms, your classmates get a good chuckle out of you. On the plus side, they never ask to trade snacks with you because who wants a mushroom granola bar?

I grew up, but Valentime's Day stuck. Call me crazy, call me nostalgic...just call me - it's Valentime's Day for goodness sake!

You don't need fancy schmancy gifts to celebrate your love. You don't even need to go out for dinner. In fact, please don't take me out for dinner on 'time's - all those starry-eyed, sit-on-the-same-side-of-the-booth couples feeding each other off their forks. No thanks. 

Let's stay in, make dinner, uncork a bottle and exchange a little gift. These would do nicely. 
This bubble bar from Lush fills the tub with black current scented bubbles and turns the water a bright pink! Very festive.  

What does "Heirloom" even smell like? I don't care - look at that gorgeous label!

There's a Betty side to this new Archie's Girls line at MAC. But I've always been a Veronica. (Ronnie's Red, please!)

Oh! This is cute!

His and her perfumes in the most perfect scents. Because couple who smell together...

You could find a new (old) cocktail to start the night off right.

Fun socks - because when your feet are happy, my feet are happy. (Read: when your feet are warm, I complain less.)

A gentleman should have a gentlemanly shave

A flirty pocket square to peek out of your pocket - because you're alway up for flirty fun.

Happy Valentime's Day!  xxo


  1. Love the fun socks!

    1. They're so fun, Regine! Every time they peek out from under a pair of pants, I can't help but smile.


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