Thursday, 14 March 2013

Life's Tough Decisions

I've been silent lately. Which is maybe jumping the gun just a bit, seeing as I've done a whopping 3 (three!) posts so far, but hey. I've been juggling a lot lately - a big move, settling into the new place, work stuff and a fork in the road.

I've come to face the question almost every female faces at some point in her life. One that cannot be answered with a simple yes or not, but rather requires a committee of girlfriends and sisters, dozens of reference points and, of course, a pin board.

Yes, I'm struggling with that question: Should I get bangs?

This is one of the struggles for modern women. Pre-Birkin era women didn't need to mull over bangs, they didn't know any better. But us post-Birken babes, we're confronted with full-on fringe every couple of years. It's a vicious cycle - cut bangs, grow out, get bored, cut again. And with It Girls like Zooey Deschanel, Rose Byrne and Michelle Obama stepping out with a blunt cut and big smile, resisting the temptation to trim is even harder.

So, to make it harder on you, and to help myself step just a little closer to the stylist's chair, here are a few fabulously-fringed femmes to inspire.

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A post about bangs can't happen without Zooey. Her heavy fringe has inspired quirky girls the world over to make the cut. 

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Alexa. This is the heavier, fuller version of her curtain bang. I used to think full bangs needed to fully cover the forehead, but the gentle sweep of hers proves otherwise. 

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Brigitte and her bombshell bangs. Her are the quintessential curtain bang; they're full and part near the centre, kind of like window curtains.

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And the original - Jane Birkin - in all her effortless perfection.

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