Friday, 22 March 2013

Talk ain't cheap, sister

Every three days, I'll be posting my response to the Joy Juice journaling prompts I receive in my inbox on those mornings. At least, that's my intention ;) 

Ok, so this one's about self-talk. When I was doing my undergrad (in kinesiology, which is hilarious to anyone who knows me because I'm not "sporty" in the least. I just think muscles are super cool), I did a paper on the effects of self-talk and varsity level athletes. I'll spare you the nitty-gritty details (and footnotes) and cut to the chase - athletes who self-talk their way through their sport perform better than those who don't.

So why am I even telling you this? Well, for one, I got an 87% on that paper and I like bringing that up. Also, it does segway into today's Joy Juice, as the words we say to ourselves every day can truly affect how we see the world and how the world sees us.

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Where am I practicing self-sabotage my talking about myself negatively?

This one's tricky for me. First off, I do this in my head often - back to the too's from the other day's post. I tell myself I've got awful legs, or by butt looks terrible, or I said something idiotic. I level myself far too often instead of pumping myself up. But what's worse, is I often say these things out loud to my husband. He's my biggest fan and all I'm doing is chipping away at his fandom one little comment at a time. Yikes.

BUT, I have a question: does self-deprecating humour count as talking negatively about yourself? Because if I have to stop making fun of myself for my downfalls, my whole comedy schtick* is blown.

*I make friends or family members chuckle now and then. Not to be confused with a full-blown comedy schtick.

What do I complain and whine about the most?

Apart from eating too many carbs and feeling bloaty? Probably something someone did to offend me. And then it usually turns out to be a misunderstanding. If everyone would just say what they mean (and feel) I think this complaint would disappear (like the carbs on my plate).

What would it looks like if I made the conscious effort to talk (and think) about those things in a positive way?

Back to the first question: I'd probably feel more confidence, right? If I just shut up and let myself be? And as for getting upset over misunderstandings; I probably need to just give people the benefit of the doubt (which is so so difficult for me to do, but I'll try!). And as for the bloating? I doubt thinking positively about my gas will make it go away - so I just made a doctor's appointment to talk about it ;)

So what would it look like if I was more positive with my self-talk?

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So, what are you saying about you?

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